QUEST Investment Partners acquires two properties in downtown Hamburg

QUEST Investment Partners acquires two properties in downtown Hamburg 150 150 QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST Investment Partners acquires two properties in downtown Hamburg

Hamburg, 08 September 2016. QUEST Investment Partners, a recently founded project devel­opment company based in Hamburg, has acquired two office properties in the heart of Hamburg with a total rental space of around 15,000 square metres.

One of the properties is the former IBM high-rise with 17 storeys on Willy-Brandt-Straße 23. Designed by Werner Kallmorgen in 1960, this listed building is to be modernised, reposi­tioned and rented out. The alter­ation works will take around one and a half years and are scheduled to start in spring 2017. The building features around 7,500 m² of rental space.
“This building is a modern classic. Like hardly any other building in Hamburg, its archi­tecture reflects the spirit of post-war modernism inspired by the American metrop­o­lises. The black glass façade with its striking punch card pattern will soon be modernised – it is a true archi­tec­tural icon from the 1960s with partic­u­larly unique qualities,” says Theja Geyer, Managing Partner at QUEST Investment Partners.

In addition, QUEST Investment Partners acquired a fully let office and commercial building on Willy-Brandt-Straße 75 from a joint venture between Castlelake and the Becken Group. At the beginning of the 20th century, the renowned Kontorhaus architect Georg Radel designed the original Kontorhaus on Rödings­markt, parts of which still exist today. In 1998, it was elabo­rately encased in an eight-storey office building for a Hamburg bank. The property features approx­i­mately 7,690 m² of rental space. Due to the high quality of this property and its efficient building structure, the ensemble is to be revitalised and converted into a modern office building after the tenant moves out. Its most salient charac­ter­istics are its timeless archi­tecture and its excellent location on Rödingsmarkt.

About QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST Investment Partners is a real estate project devel­opment and investment company situated in Hamburg. QUEST focuses on invest­ments in commercial and residential properties with upside potential in top locations of major German cities. The QUEST team has extensive experience in the devel­opment of high-quality real estate projects and contin­u­ously aims at increasing the real estate values of its share­holders and investors. QUEST’s share­holders are the managing directors Theja Geyer and Jan Rouven Künzel as well as the investment holding company of the Hamburg entre­preneur Erck Rickmers who is invested in real estate, equity invest­ments and shipping.

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