QUEST Investment Partners
QUEST Investment Partners is a real estate project development and investment company with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt und Munich.


QUEST Investment Partners sets new standards in the project devel­opment, investment and asset management of real estate. Based in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, the company consists of two business divisions: QUEST Devel­opment and QUEST Funds. The shared focus lies on core plus and value-add commercial properties with upside potential in top locations of major German cities and the Benelux countries.

Both divisions combined are currently respon­sible for around 3 billion euros in assets under management. The share­holders of QUEST Investment Partners are the managing directors Theja Geyer and J. Rouven Künzel as well as the investment holding company of the Hamburg entre­preneur Erck Rickmers.



The devel­opment of contin­u­ously lucrative real estate by a combi­nation of the factors:
location – project ideas – capital – timing

QUEST has the access to the market, the resources and the expertise to develop real estate to the next level or from scratch. In the selection of the locations, QUEST is focussing in the field of office premises on urban ares (City and district locations) in Hamburg and Berlin as well on good central locations (prime locations) of German urban centers in the area of retail devel­op­ments. Due to longterm connec­tions and the good relationship with the tenants, new project ideas evolve even before the acqui­sition of real property.

Investment strategy
The aim is the creation of core real estate. Invest­ments are only made in very good locations. There, the quality of the object is constantly improved.

The creation of values through:

  • Devel­opment of projects
  • Refur­bishment and repositioning
  • Improvement of the rental and revenue situation


QUEST Devel­opment runs the project devel­opment business and currently has invested more than 1.6 billion euros in almost 30 projects spanning an area of over 217,000 m². Preference is given to properties with a special flair and a unique selling point. The company offers a wide range of services, from project acqui­sition, due diligence and financing to planning, obtaining devel­opment rights, technical management and marketing for letting and sales.

A team of 40 experi­enced employees develops and manages high-quality real estate projects. The project devel­opment division also plans large properties as joint ventures with renowned insti­tu­tional investors. The aim is to increase the value of properties with unique and innov­ative ideas and to actively partic­ipate in modern urban planning.



At QUEST Funds GmbH, founded in 2019, a team of 20 people is in charge of the fund and investment business as well as the asset management of the real estate company. The company makes individual invest­ments in cooper­ation with insti­tu­tional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, founda­tions and family offices.


Real estate management

In 2021, QUEST Investment Partners acquired a majority stake in Albrecht Gebrüder & Co., a property manager founded in 1987 and based in Hamburg and Berlin. As a result, we are expanding further and entering a third business area in addition to project devel­opment and the fund business.


Managing directors

Theja Geyer and Jan Rouven Künzel have been a successful team since 2004. In 2016, the two real estate experts founded their own project devel­opment company, QUEST Investment Partners, and combined it with an investment platform for insti­tu­tional investors. Before founding their own company, they were both partners at Art-Invest Real Estate Management. Both of them hold degrees in archi­tecture and their careers include previous positions at IVG Devel­opment GmbH and Water­bound Real Estate, where they were in charge of the project devel­op­ments of Mayfair AG.

Drawing on a wealth of expertise and a passion for the refur­bishment of special properties, the two real estate profes­sionals develop aesthetic buildings that construc­tively shape the quality of life in their respective cities. 


Theja Geyer

Theja Geyer is a partner and managing director of the QUEST Investment GmbH. He is the head of the units Project Devel­opment, Investment, Asset Management as well as Planning and Construction.


Jan Rouven Künzel

Jan Rouven Künzel is a partner and managing director of the QUEST Investment GmbH. He is the head of the units New Business, Project Devel­opment, Finances and Organisation.

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