Since 2016

QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST Investment Partners is a real estate project devel­opment and investment company with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.


QUEST Investment Partners concen­trates on invest­ments in commercial and domestic realestate with an apprec­ti­ation potential in chosen areas in Hamburg and Berlin. In retail devel­op­ments, the focus is on good urban areas in German metro­politan regions. QUEST Investment is gener­ating attractive, risk-adjusted returns for investors.


QUEST Management GmbH is in the operative business, is providing the real estate manager and is a service manager for third parties.


Quest Investment GmbH serves as an investment holding company for invest­ments in individual real estate projects.


Quest develops perma­nently profitable real estate through a combi­nation of the following factors: location – project ideas – capital – timing

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