QUEST acquires listed Kontorhaus in Hamburg

QUEST acquires listed Kontorhaus in Hamburg 150 150 QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST acquires listed Kontorhaus in Hamburg

Hamburg, 08 November 2016. QUEST Investment Partners has acquired the listed “Elbhof” property on Steinhöft 9. It counts among Hamburg’s sought-after “Kontorhaus” buildings and is located in the rapidly evolving harbour periphery between the city centre and Speich­er­stadt – just like the last two invest­ments of the newly founded project developer.

The building was constructed between 1904 and 1905 for AEG based on plans by the architect Walter Martens. The central location close to Baumwall in Hamburg’s Neustadt district is surrounded by water: To the front, a lock system separates Elbfleet from Alster­fleet. To the rear, the Elbhof is flanked by Herren­graben­fleet. Views of the Elbphil­har­monie Concert Hall and Speich­er­stadt are included.

With its structure of a front building, a courtyard wing and a warehouse on the canal, the Elbhof follows the tradi­tional pattern of an old Hamburg merchant’s house. The building satisfies the most presti­gious demands – featuring an opulent staircase and a façade with bronze sculp­tures by the sculptor Arthur Bock above the entrance portals, crowned with Hamburg’s coat of arms.

Another inter­esting aspect for the developer is the upcoming completion of the flood protection system for the Port of Hamburg in the immediate vicinity. Designed by the recently deceased star architect Zaha Hadid, it leads up to an impressive staircase right on the doorstep of the Elbhof. “Flood protection and recre­ational value do not have to be mutually exclusive” - this is what the architect wanted to prove with her design.

The building features some 7,770 m² of rental space; 55 percent of this space has been rented out to the Hamburg branch of the adver­tising agency Servi­ceplan on a long-term basis. The former warehouse, which is currently vacant, will be put to a new use by QUEST Investment Partners.

About QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST Investment Partners is a real estate project devel­opment and investment company situated in Hamburg. QUEST focuses on invest­ments in commercial and residential properties with upside potential in top locations of major German cities. The QUEST team has extensive experience in the devel­opment of high-quality real estate projects and contin­u­ously aims at increasing the real estate values of its share­holders and investors. QUEST’s share­holders are the managing directors Theja Geyer and Jan Rouven Künzel as well as the investment holding company of the Hamburg entre­preneur Erck Rickmers who is invested in real estate, equity invest­ments and shipping.


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