01RAW Frankfurt

45,600 m2 in the Europaviertel district

The property at Stephensonstrasse 1, colloquially known as the “railroad pyramid”, is centrally located between the trade fair center and the banking district, in the European quarter of the Main metropolis. From 1993, the 51,000 m2 office space with around 1,900 workstations was used as the administrative headquarters of DB Personenverkehr. 207 car parking spaces, including 171 in the underground garage, were available to employees.

Six wings connected by pavilions and a central tower measuring 65 metres in height make up the building complex. Concrete, steel and glass define the architecture of this property. This is also reflected in the panoramic glass lifts, which can be seen from outside and inside the building.


The entire rental space is fully let to Deutsche Bahn AG. The most important business units of DB Personenverkehr are based here: DB Regio AG, DB Fernverkehr AG and DB Stadtverkehr GmbH.

02Facts & Figures

Project by: Quest Funds
Europaviertel, Frankfurt a. M.
Surface area: 51,000 m2
Architect: Stephan Böhm
Address: Stephensonstraße 1, Frankfurt a. M.
Website: raw-frankfurt.de