Neue Burg 1

Neue Burg 1

A future with history. The New Castle 1 building is located in the Nikolai Quarter directly at the ruins of the main church of St. Nikolai on Hamburg’s Hopfenmarkt. This place steeped in history is the birthplace of a cosmopolitan city.

Here, where almost 1,000 years ago the development of Hamburg from a castle to a city began, beats the heart of Hamburg. Only 200 meters away from the legendary Hammaburg at today’s Domplatz, the New Castle was built in the 11th century. An enormous complex with a 22 metre thick wall and a diameter of 160 metres to protect the Elbe and Alster from floods.

Historically, the hop market is the nucleus of the Hamburg trading company. Directly in the city centre, situated on the western bank of the Alster, in a loop of the river, the medieval life of Hamburg’s new town took place.

Whether the city centre with the town hall and the Alster, the historic Speicherstadt or the modern HafenCity, everything is within walking distance. A high-quality 9-storey office building is being built right in the heart of the old town. It will be a modern house with lots of space and light. Completion is planned for the end of 2019.

Data & Information

Projekt by: QUEST Development
Hamburg City
Area: 6.470 m2
Carports: 20
Usage: Office, Retail
Finalisation: End of 2019
Architect: Stölken Schmidt