The Elbhof, a historic office building under monumental protection in the Neustadt area of Hamburg, was built in the years 1904 and 1905 according to the plans of the architect Walter Martens for AEG. The Herren­graben­fleet and the Steinhöft are bordering the site, so that goods could be delivered by water and land. With the front building, the wing to the courtyard and the storage house at the Fleet, the structure follows the pattern of a merchant’s house in the old style of Hamburg.

The opulent stairwell and the facade with the bronze sculp­tures of the sculptor Arthur Bock over the entrance portals crowned with the coat of arms of Hamburg met repre­sen­tative require­ments. At present, the building is almost entirely used by the Hamburg branch of the adver­tising agency Servicplan.

Daten & Informationen

Location: Hamburg City / Neustadt
Space: 7,700 sqm
Parking spaces: 11
Utilization: Office
Completion: In the middle of 2018
Architect’s office: Walter Martens (1904-1905)

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