A gem in Hamburg: Quartier Bahnhofsplatz in Blankenese

The Quartier Bahnhofsplatz is a neighbourhood located in the heart of Blankenese, one of Hamburg’s most exclusive districts. It provides 22,500 m2 of rental space for apartments, offices, medical practices, retail and restaurants. The building ensemble includes six new multi-storey constructions completed between 2008 and 2010, a pavilion on the station forecourt, and the listed railway station building dating back to 1866/67. 370 underground parking spaces are also available.
The modern buildings are uniformly painted in light colours and feature large windows for ground floor retail. Despite the similar appearance, each building displays its own architectural features in terms of height, roof shape and façade design. The residential units, which span around 7,700 m2, boast large, suspended balconies and an all-round roof terrace.

The neighbourhood is easily accessible via the Blankenese S-Bahn and bus station. Some 30,000 commuters and guests pass through every day.


The anchor tenants of the retail spaces are Hamburger Sparkasse, Hamburger Volksbank and the bookstore Heymann, as well as REWE Markt GmbH and dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG. Medical practices of various specialisations and convenience stores complete the range of goods and services available to the population of Blankenese. The foundation Martha Stiftung is the sole tenant of the residential space measuring around 7,700 m2. It operates an exclusive serviced housing complex for senior citizens.

Facts & Figures

Project by: QUEST Funds