Steindamm 94

Steindamm 94

The history of Hamburg’s Steindamm dates all the way back to 1539. Steindamm was the first paved road to be built outside of Hamburg’s city walls. As a connection between Hamburg and Lübeck, it was the busiest road in the city. In the late 19th century, Steindamm became one of the main shopping streets, with an incredible seven tram lines running along it.

To this day, the location is one of the most important axes in Hamburg’s trendy St. Georg district. Steindamm is renowned for its multicultural environment. Many oriental restaurants and shops lend the neighbourhood its distinctive charm. Beyond Hamburg, Steindamm is known not least for the Hansa-Theater, dating back to 1894. To this day, Germany’s oldest variety theatre is the epitome of first-class acrobatics and high-class entertainment. Since its reopening in 2009, the stage – now over 100 years old – has once again been showcasing artists from all over the world.

Thanks to its central location close to the main train station, the Steindamm Ensemble features excellent local transport connections. Hamburg’s tourism boom enabled St. Georg and Steindamm to develop into one of the most prominent hotel locations in the city, appealing to tourists and business travellers alike.

Facts & Figures

Project by: QUEST Development
Hamburg-St. Georg
Surface area: 12.750 m2
Use: Office