‘C’ stands for Charlotte

Classics have the beautiful ability to endure in the present and the future. C82 is such a classic – ready for the future. This listed ‘Kontorhaus’ office building dates back to 1913 and can be used for a variety of purposes. With its clear, straight lines, this appealing building was and still is in tune with its time. Measuring more than 4,000 square metres, it offers ample space and flexibility for the creation of tasteful and modern workplaces with well-preserved traces of the past – such as the historical lift, the façade of glazed bricks and terracotta ornaments that features sculptures on the street-facing side, or the decorative clinker ornaments on the back of the building.

The ‘C’ stands for Charlotte, the queen with the palace bearing the same name, after whom the street in Berlin-Kreuzberg is named and where property no. 82 is located. Just as the palace magically attracted artists and thinkers, Kreuzberg is a magnet for visitors and a popular district to work and live in. Many communications agencies and publishing houses are based here in the newspaper district, including Axel Springer and the ‘taz’ newspaper. Thanks to a variety of restaurants, cafés and shopping facilities, all the daily needs are easily met. In addition, there is a wide range of museums, theatres, cinemas and other cultural offerings. This legendary diversity makes Kreuzberg the ‘place to be’ in Berlin – and not only by day. Potzdamer Platz is only an 18-minute walk away and the central station can be reached within 9 minutes by taxi. A special treat: right at the doorstep lies the neighbourhood that invites you to relax and unwind after work.

Facts & Figures

Project by: QUEST Development
Location: Berlin, Kreuzberg
Surface Area: 4.300 m2
Utilization: Bürohaus
Completion: Q1/Q2 2021
Architect: CSMM GmbH