QUEST restores Hamburg’s historic harbour gate with Cremon 1

QUEST restores Hamburg’s historic harbour gate with Cremon 1 150 150 QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST restores Hamburg’s historic harbour gate with Cremon 1

Hamburg, 26 October 2017. At Cremon 1, the Hamburg project devel­opment company QUEST Investment Partners is constructing a new property with approx­i­mately 2,500 m² of space for offices and restaurants.


The area, which has been undeveloped since the 1960s, is located at the former harbour gate, where the devel­opment of the Port of Hamburg began in 1188. In consul­tation with the City of Hamburg and the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments, and with the help of the archi­tects gmp von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, the original state of the former harbour entrance to Hamburg’s inland port is to be restored. Cremon 1 is being developed as a counterpart to the Haus der Seefahrt on the opposite side. The height, propor­tions and materials of the new, high-end property blend in with the Haus der Seefahrt to visually revive the former harbour gate and pay tribute to the impor­tance of this place.

“The property offers a fantastic view of Speich­er­stadt, the Elbphil­har­monie and of course the River Elbe. We are witnessing strong demand for spaces in Hamburg’s harbour periphery, which will continue to develop positively in the coming years,” says Theja Geyer, Managing Partner at QUEST Investment Partners.

The works will commence in mid-2018 and are scheduled for completion in 2020.

About QUEST Investment Partners

QUEST Investment Partners is a real estate project devel­opment and investment company with offices in Hamburg and Berlin. QUEST focuses on invest­ments in commercial and residential properties with upside potential in top locations in Hamburg and Berlin. In retail devel­op­ments the focus is on good inner-city locations in German metro­politan regions. The QUEST team has extensive experience in the devel­opment of high-quality real estate projects and contin­u­ously aims at increasing the real estate values of its share­holders and investors. QUEST’s share­holders are the managing directors Theja Geyer and Jan Rouven Künzel as well as the investment holding company of the Hamburg entre­preneur Erck Rickmers who is invested in real estate, equity invest­ments and shipping. 

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