Element B

Element B

Brunnenstraße 128, Berlin

In direct vicinity to the Mauerpark and the Bernauer Straße in the transition of the city centre of Berlin to Wedding1 the up and coming development of Berlin can be experienced everywhere. In addition you are at the pulse of Berlin’s history as the Brunnenviertel once was a Western peninsula in the Eastern territory directly at the Berlin Wall. Only a short walk to the Rosenthaler Platz, the Torstraße and other hotspots of Berlin-Mitte, you are at the pulse of Berlin’s urban flair. With the mixture of residential and commercial use, Berlin-Wedding fascinates with its neighborhood character, which can only be found in the German capital.

With the re-structuring and the related highlighting of the verticality, the natural stone facade is transported to the modern. The upgrading of the communal areas and the implementation of a roof-top terrace, the Brunnenstraße 128 becomes an urban business address. With the up-to-date tenant improvements together with the ceiling heights of more than 3.00 m, unique office spaces with a loft character2 are created. An urban work experience in the European capital of the hour.

Data & Information

Project by: QUEST Development
Location: Berlin Brunnenviertel
Area: 5.960 m2
Use: Retail, office, practice