QUEST Investment Partners concentrates on investments in commercial and domestic realestate with an apprectiation potential in chosen areas in Hamburg and Berlin. In retail developments, the focus is on good urban areas in German metropolitan regions. QUEST Investment is generating attractive, risk-adjusted returns for investors.


The development of continuously lucrative real estate by a combination of the factors: location – project ideas – capital – timing
QUEST has the access to the market, the resources and the expertise to develop real estate to the next level or from scratch. In the selection of the locations, QUEST is focussing in the field of office premises on urban ares (City and district locations) in Hamburg and Berlin as well on good central locations (prime locations) of German urban centers in the area of retail developments. Due to longterm connections and the good relationship with the tenants, new project ideas evolve even before the acquisition of real property.

Investment strategy

The aim is the creation of core real estate. Investments are only made in very good locations. There, the quality of the object is constantly improved.

The creation of values through:

  • Development of projects
  • Refurbishment and repositioning
  • Improvement of the rental and revenue situation
  • Pro-active real estate marketing

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