QUEST Investment Partners
QUEST Investment Partners is a real estate project development and investment company with offices in Hamburg and Berlin.


On 15 June 2016, the company was established by the partners Erck Rickmers, Jan Rouven Künzel, Theja Geyer and Dr. Detlev Broszehl. With QUEST Investment Partners, experienced entrepreneurs from Hamburg aim to set new standards in real estate project development and management.

Managing directors

The QUEST Investment Partners team has far-reaching experience in the development of retail, office, residential and speciality real estate. In the area of development and assetmanagement, QUEST offers the holistic range of services for real estate. The development, realization, structuring and management of real estate.


Jan Rouven Künzel

J.R. Künzel is a partner and managing director of the QUEST Investment GmbH and the QUEST Management GmbH. He is the head of the units New Business, Project Development, Finances and Organisation.

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    On behalf of the Art-Invest Real Estate group of companies, he was, as a partner, responsible for the business activities of the group in Hamburg and nationwide for the business unit Retail.

    Prior to this, J.R. Künzel developed for seven years highstreet projects for the private investors of the B&L Group in Germany. As a branch manager for IVG, he established the development business in Hamburg and was additionally responsible for the asset management for all real estate properties in Hamburg and Northern Germany with an overall value of EUR 1.6 billion. After that, he assumed in the role of a managing partner of Waterbound Real Estate the responsibility for the project developments of the Mayfair AG.

    Jan Rouven Künzel is a trained Diplom-Ingenieur (graduate engineer) of Architecture (Campus Kiel) und Diplom-Ökonom (qualified economist) (ADI – Berufsakademie Stuttgart).


Theja Geyer

T. Geyer is a partner and managing director of the QUEST Investment GmbH and the QUEST Management GmbH. He is the head of the units Project Development, Investment, Asset Management as well as Planning and Construction.

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    On behalf of the Art-Invest Real Estate group of companies he was, as a partner, responsible for the project Alter Wall in Hamburg with a volume of EUR 250 million.

    Prior to that, T. Geyer was the authorized signatory of Waterbound Real Estate and in this capacity he was responsible for the project in the project development for the Mayfair AG. At IVG, he was responsible for the rental business, the project development and the asset management inter alia for the European headquarters of the Hermes Logistikgruppe. Being an architekt with GKK (Gössler, Kinz, Kreienbaum), he developed for the private investors such as the B&L-Group office and retail objects in Hamburg.

    Theja Geyer is Diplom-Ingenieur Architect (graduate engineer and architect) (Campus Brunswick)



The development of continuously lucrative real estate by a combination of the factors:
locationproject ideascapitaltiming

QUEST has the access to the market, the resources and the expertise to develop real estate to the next level or from scratch. In the selection of the locations, QUEST is focussing in the field of office premises on urban ares (City and district locations) in Hamburg and Berlin as well on good central locations (prime locations) of German urban centers in the area of retail developments. Due to longterm connections and the good relationship with the tenants, new project ideas evolve even before the acquisition of real property.

Investment strategy
The aim is the creation of core real estate. Investments are only made in very good locations. There, the quality of the object is constantly improved.

The creation of values through:

  • Development of projects
  • Refurbishment and repositioning
  • Improvement of the rental and revenue situation


The QUEST Management GmbH is operating a holistic and sustainable real estate management.

From the analysis of the special given realities of an object through the establishment of building laws and the solving of complex settings of tasks regarding constructional matters to the precise and cost-efficient management, QUEST is controlling any and all stages of the value-added chain of real estate. In the realization of sophisticated retail estates or modern office premises QUEST ensures from the start a smooth process through a close cooperation with the authorities, municipalities and project partners as well as the proven cooperation with renowned architects and consulting engineers.



Investment model
QUEST Investment Partners offers investments in German real estate with an holistic asset management and project development approach for commercial and office buildings. In the interest of the investors, QUEST counts on quality and individuality.

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